Faculty / Staff Collaboration with P-12 Schools

Partnerships and collaboration with P-12 schools are vital to the success of faculty, teacher candidates, and interns within the College of Education.

According to NCATE, Standard 3a, Collaboration between unit and school partners, at the target level:

"Both unit and school-based faculty are involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating the unit's conceptual framework and the school program; they each participate in the unit's and the school partners' professional development activities and instructional programs for candidates and for children. The unit and its school partners share expertise and integrate resources to support candidate learning. They jointly determine the specific placements of student teachers and interns for other professional roles to maximize the learning experience for candidates and P-12 students."

Through these partnerships, faculty engage in activities related to the teaching and learning of all candidates, working with public school personnel to place and evaluate interns and deliver real-world experiences to pre-internship teacher candidates. Faculty also engage in professional development activities, attend workshops and other professional association meetings, and produce research which is presented at local, state, regional, national, and international professional conferences. These partnerships strengthen the College of Education, the educational community, and the state of Mississippi.

Using your Mississippi State Net ID and password, please use this form to record your P-12 collaboration efforts as they occur throughout the academic year.

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